Eight reasons to love GoFormative (2024)

Eight reasons to love GoFormative (1)

In a recent tweet, my good friend and colleague @JudyZaccheo posted the following "challenge"

After trying @Goformative years ago and hating it....I think I’m finally ready to give it another try 🤔 Tell me what you LOVE about it people! #Goformative @MarianaGSerrato

— Judy Zaccheo (@judyzaccheo) September 15, 2018

Since this cannot be answered in a mere 240 characters or less, I had to respond "long text", and what better way than a post that can then be shared with all of you.

Much like Judy, my first foray into GoFormativewas perhaps a bit bumpy. At the time, I loved the idea of some of the question types I saw ("show your work", for example) so much that chose to present about it at a district PD, but I did not really use it much myself. This had nothing to do with the platform itself, but rather with my unfamiliarity with it. Back then, you created an account and landed on the home page but there was not much to see in terms of its capabilities, and my account remained dormant for a while.

About a year ago while participating in a Twitter chat, GoFormative came up quite a few times, and I went back in if only to see what people were talking about. That led me to the first reason why I love GoFormative:

1.The Formative Community Center: A vibrant community of educators that share content, best practices, implementation ideas and all sorts of ideas on everything from pedagogy to the latest in #edtech. What makes this community unique from others is that it also provides you with a direct line to GoFormative's amazing team of developers, who listen and respond with a "can do" attitude. To most of my "it would be wonderful if..." posts I have gotten a "we'll make that happen!" or at least a "we cannot do that right now, but what if we ...; would this be useful?"

Within that community and before some of the more recent changes that have made GoFormativesuper user-friendly, I found a great introduction to GoFormativemade byMichael Lutz:
Formative within a Formative, which helped me explore all the different things that could be done with formative, which leads me to the 7 other reasons why I love GoFormative:

2. Ability to create multimedia-richlessons with just a few clicks. Not only does GoFormativeallow you to include a wide variety of question types, you can also embed all sorts of media. It is almost an "if it is on the web, you can add it to a Formative".

Eight reasons to love GoFormative (2)

Even if there is no obvious embed code on whatever you want to add, a simple iframe generated using the tricks learned in the Formative within a Formative mentioned above makes everything embeddable. In this "Relationship between Organisms" example, I have not only a presentation and videos, but also LearningApps and a Flipgrid.

3. Along the same lines, the "enhance a PDF/Doc feature", which allows you to digitally gather answers to anything you are already using, or add reflection questions to any formative, much like Rebecca Mann did in this example:

Our Formative Educator of The Day is Rebecca Mann! She uses #goformative to help her students self-assess their progress on learning standards!#formativechat#studentcenteredlearning#mathchat#hsmath pic.twitter.com/KauVLnlIjm

— formative (@goformative) April 25, 2018

4. Ability to assess and provide feedback in real time, with no lag! Gone are the days when you have to wait for a student to submit a paper or finish the digital work. With GoFormative you can immediately send feedbackto a student or group of students - even whole class, while they are working on a formative.

Eight reasons to love GoFormative (3)

5. Identify the struggling student, find patterns in answers and be ready to pull a small group or even get everyone's attention to clarify a misconception or difficult concept.

Eight reasons to love GoFormative (4)

6. Track student progress towards mastery of standards. All you need to do is tag your standards, and Formative will summarize all the data for you!

Eight reasons to love GoFormative (5)

7. Short on time? GoFormative now has a searchable library of ready-made formatives submitted by educators, searchable by grade level and content. No need to reinvent the wheel when you can clone to use as is and/or adapt to your particular situation

Eight reasons to love GoFormative (6)

8. Google classroom integration. Whether you want to import your classes from GC or you want your formatives posted directly to GC, it is all available to your students with the click of a button. No need to remember passwords or try to find "what they are supposed to do".

Now, this is not to say that you have to do all of this. GoFormative is so versatile that you can even produce a quick GoFormative on the fly to act as an exit ticket or as a "Do Now" in a matter of seconds. That versatility is the reason why my students now equate GoFormative with being successful in my classroom.

Eight reasons to love GoFormative (2024)


What are the benefits of GoFormative? ›

With Formative (sometimes Go Formative), teachers can upload traditional worksheets or build assessments from scratch, find something pre-made, watch students work in real-time, easily differentiate or scaffold assignments, attach standards to questions, and track student growth over time.

Can teachers see if you copy and paste on Formative? ›

You can click on the small i icon in the alert to view what was copied and pasted into the student response. The alert will not appear if a student copies and pastes a part of their own response.

What is the meaning of GoFormative? ›

Formative, which is also known as GoFormative, is a web-based tool that allows teachers to create digital formative assessments, tasks, or assignments that are easily accessible from any electronic device:laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

What does Formative show teachers? ›

The goal of formative assessment is to monitor student learning to provide ongoing feedback that can be used by instructors to improve their teaching and by students to improve their learning.

What are the advantages of formative? ›

Formative assessments allow teachers to use focused and highly targeted feedback to help their students improve and ensure that knowledge gaps are being filled effectively. It also helps create a more reciprocal learning process between educators and students.

Who benefits from formative assessments? ›

The students performing on the outer edges of the standard curve—the struggling and the gifted—particularly benefit from formative assessment. These students have learning needs that are often unique and specific, and the teacher needs timely data to address them.

Can teachers see if you cheat on formative? ›

Multiple Presence Indicator (Gold plan feature)

The Multiple Presence indicator is a flag for the teacher for review. While Multiple Presence within a formative could be due to students attempting to cheat, it doesn't necessarily indicate cheating.

How to detect cheating in Google Forms? ›

How to detect cheating in Google Forms? Install the AutoProctor add-on. Go to Settings and select the Proctor tab. You can configure the settings to track the test taker's camera, microphone and screen.

How do you know if a student copy pasted? ›

One way is to review papers for obvious signs of plagiarism. Such signs include evidence that text has been copied and pasted directly from another source into the paper you are reading. This can be changes in font or text size, as well as a sudden change in tone, spelling and grammar, or writing quality.

Who made GoFormative? ›

Craig Jones and Kevin McFarland co-founded Formative while attending graduate school at UCLA.

Did GoFormative change its name? ›

Formative.com will be our new website address. All GoFormative.com links, integrations, shortcuts, and embeds will continue to work, including assignments, sharing links, and Library posts.

Is formative a big grade? ›

A formative assessment is like a pop quiz, or a optional project. It's something that does not affect your final grade in the module, but is only a means of giving feedback to the student.

How do I delete classes in Formative? ›

To delete a class:
  1. Go to your Classes page.
  2. Select the 3 dots menu next to the class you want to delete.
  3. At the bottom, click "Archive class" and confirm.
  4. At the top of the page toggle "Show Archived" to green.
  5. Select the 3 dots menu next to the class you want to delete and select "Delete"

How to see answers in formative? ›

From the Fromatives page
  1. Locate the formative on the Formatives page.
  2. On the grid of classes, click on the cell that corresponds with your class.
  3. Choose "View Responses"

Is formative free for teachers? ›

Formative is completely free to use at the Bronze plan level!

What is formative app used for? ›

Formative is an app and web-based assessment platform which can be used across a variety of devices by teachers and students -- all with updates live as they're happening. All that means teachers can use this tool to check class, group, or individual progress both in the classroom and beyond.

What are the benefits of formative vs summative assessment? ›

Formative assessments have low stakes and usually carry no grade, which in some instances may discourage the students from doing the task or fully engaging with it. The goal of summative assessment is to evaluate student learning at the end of an instructional unit by comparing it against some standard or benchmark.

What is one of the benefits of conducting a formative evaluation? ›

Formative assessments can help increase student motivation.

Once students understand what they need to know or be able to do, formative assessments allow them to see how close they are to meeting those goals. This can be a powerful motivator in any classroom.

What can go formative detect? ›

Detect copy/pasted answers to deter cheating and get notified if students change an answer after grading.

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