Demonologist: Every Tool, Ranked (2024)

A game where you look for trouble inside an abandoned house sounds like a nightmare for some. However, for others who like to live life dangerously it’s the perfect opportunity to deduce why or what is causing something to jerk around or move so suddenly.

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Demonologist is a co-op horror game that challenges your senses and immerses you into a frightening atmosphere whilst demanding you to think and use your brain. Your job is to help the gang find out what’s causing this mystery using all the tools at your disposal. Some tools work great, while others barely justify their cost.

16 Salt Gun

Demonologist: Every Tool, Ranked (1)

A tool you’ll find wasting away in parts at the hospital. This weapon is a three-part gun you need to construct to go about exorcising demons within the facility. Unfortunately, you cannot purchase this gun or find it on any other map.

The ammo you get with it is unlimited and that helps when you’re facing off demons and entities that can spawn out and hunt you from literally anywhere. Each part needed to finish constructing the gun spawns at a random location on the Hospital map.

15 Ecto Glass

Demonologist: Every Tool, Ranked (2)

This tiny pocket watch-sized tool is rather useful when it comes to fulfilling certain objectives but beyond that, it’s essentially purposeless. It’s not going to save you from any entity or drive it away.

It won’t even attract them to your location, all you can do is use it to deduce whether there’s ectoplasmic ghost goop on the walls or not. You might as well enter a building without it since even completing an objective with it won’t score you enough money to justify bringing it along.

14 UV Light

Demonologist: Every Tool, Ranked (3)

The light can help you trace fingerprints any ghosts or demons leave behind, thus you can use it to find the entity a lot faster than going in blindly. It looks like a lantern emitting violet light, for those unaware of its purpose since you already have the flashlight to start each run with.

13 Easel Canvas

Demonologist: Every Tool, Ranked (4)

Who knew demons could draw too? Set it up on the ground and leave it be for your desired entity to come up to it and start painting a pretty picture for your eyes only.

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As unique as this concept is, it’s hard to find any proof of a demon interacting with the tool unless you pay close attention and set it next to an ESG.

12 Tarot Cards

Demonologist: Every Tool, Ranked (5)

Seemingly random, these tarot cards boast special effects that can occur in-game once you pick them up and start drawing the cards. The effects are all random, they include an instadeath and a sanity nerf or buff.

11 Photo Camera

Demonologist: Every Tool, Ranked (6)

Say cheese! This camera isn’t just expensive but also essential for capturing any evidence of poltergeists occurring. You get to finish a few objectives if you make it out alive with it or use it to take some photos of spooky furniture for fun.

10 Spirit Box

Demonologist: Every Tool, Ranked (7)

Demonologist features several tools you can use to communicate with the dead, and this one helps you confront them directly. However, be careful not to aggravate the spirits too much unless you’d like to go home dead and broke.

9 Candle

Demonologist: Every Tool, Ranked (8)

These are expensive, but apparently, ghosts despise them, and they even help out with your Sanity meter. Just don’t mistake dislike for avoidance. These candles also fulfill other side objectives.

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An entity can interact with other candles on the map, lighting them or blowing them out as they see fit.

8 Tripod Camera

Demonologist: Every Tool, Ranked (9)

Set it up and forget it. This camera can do the dirty work for you while you walk around worrying about keeping yourself alive instead. You can use it to take pictures for you if any entity walks in front of the unit.

7 Thermometer

Demonologist: Every Tool, Ranked (10)

Hot or cold? This tool is essential for you to complete certain objectives, and it also helps you narrow down rooms where paranormal activity reigns supreme. The thermometer is a staple of most survival horror games and actual real-life ghost-hunter investigations.

6 Ouija Boards

Demonologist: Every Tool, Ranked (11)

You can find these boards in one of the rooms, and much like their real-world counterparts, you can use this tool to supposedly communicate with the entity and ascertain where it’s hiding away.

Simply turn on your mic and ask your demon a question. Eventually, you’ll get an answer that describes the location you should head for to find what you’re looking for.

5 EMF Reader

Demonologist: Every Tool, Ranked (12)

A useful tool with your very own pet roach on top mimicking the way you walk or stand still. The reader will help you zero in on entities nearby with a number indicating their proximity to you.

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It’s kind of finicky since you need to point it exactly in the direction the ghost is potentially, but it gets the job done and helps you locate them effectively.

4 Sanity Pills

Demonologist: Every Tool, Ranked (13)

Walking around a haunted area will chip away at your sanity. These pills can be found in-game, and they significantly reduce your chances of going insane and getting attacked.

Without these, you’re opening a whole other can of worms that might also include increased paranoia and hallucinations for your character, on top of the cripplingly low speed you travel as soon as insanity takes over.

3 Crucifix

Demonologist: Every Tool, Ranked (14)

It’s a great way to defend yourself, the crucifix will tank one ghost attack and then it’ll fade away. Make sure to hold it in your hand if you plan on using it to avoid any unsavory incidents otherwise, it won’t work.


Demonologist: Every Tool, Ranked (15)

A useful device that helps you locate entities nearby, and allows you to spot them T-posing on you for a hot second. This tool is essentially very important for your investigation into any area you visit in this video game.

To use it, place it on the ground and pay attention to it since it’ll eventually show off an entity passing over it.

1 Flashlight

Demonologist: Every Tool, Ranked (16)

No horror game would be complete without it. The flashlight is a crucial part of your experience in this game. The steampunk design coupled with the fact that it essentially never runs out makes it the most viable tool in the video game.

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Demonologist: Every Tool, Ranked (2024)
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